oil-field-insuranceWorking in the oil fields in Willison, North Dakota can be a risky and dangerous job so workers insurance is a must. Injury is a common side effect of work related accidents. Oil Fields and Gas  Rigs work with heavy machinery and in dangerous circumstances. Don’t go work in the oil fields of North Dakota without proper health insurance. Get self employment workers insurance and protect yourself and your family in case of accidental injury or death.

North Dakota Worker’s Insurance

  • Oil Rigs can be dangerous places involving heavy machinery
  • Hundreds of new people start work everyday and may not be fully trained
  • No or Poor insurance can leave you buried in debt from medical bills.
  • You can easily make $100k a year in North Dakota Oil and Gas.. spend $200 for a good insurance.

We are currently working with insurance companies to get cheaper rates and an online quoting tool for you guys to use to find out how much worker insurance would cost you.

Worker’s Insurance Options

Some of the most notable and reliable insurance companies include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana One, State Farm and Liberty Mutual.

Worker’s Insurance Costs

Some of the best insurance plans only cost $200 a month.  Most workers in North Dakota easily make over $100k a year so protecting yourself for $200 a month is the only logical thing to do. Get insurance today.